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Where every Product page is a home page 

Most PIMs are designed to store and distribute static product information, not produce complex, ever-changing product stories. Talkoot does both.


Accelerate e-commerce growth with 4x efficiency

BrandCheck™ controls your Brand's reputation online

Sell multiple products on every platform, fast

Lower return rates and lift conversion

 The Product Stories Champion 

It’s hard to tell great stories about every product you make. Especially when your product line is full of tough-to-track-down details like price points, dimensions, characteristics, guidelines, technical info and legal requirements.

Say hi to Talkoot! The intuitive, friendly-to-use product information management system that talks to all your back-end data systems, keeps track of all those niggly product details and automates a whole mess of boring, repetitive tasks, so your content creators can focus on creating great product stories.


Give Shoppers consistent, compelling, on-brand and accurate product stories everywhere they shop.

Talkoot = Customer Satisfaction


Give your Team real-time access to all Product data and previous copy to work together in one workspace.

Talkoot = Easy Peesy


"Writing 50,000+ product descriptions a year is only possible because of Talkoot."

Director of Operations. review.

Talkoot = Success


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We are on hand to help move your mounds of Product data and Spreadsheet Lasagne into a fluid real-time digital workspace where everyone can work faster, together. 

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Fluid Workflow

Designed for team-based copywriting, Talkoot’s powerful web-based application makes it easy to produce high-quality product content at scale. Have your team say goodbye to complex spreadsheets to work seamlessly together with Talkoot’s real-time workflow.


BrandCenter™ helps your team be error-free from the start. Talkoot’s powerful language validation engine is configurable to ensure writers stay on-brand and steer clear of undesirable phrases and content, keeping your brand voice in check on each and every product page.


Autopilot for your brand language

Effortless approvals

Have a stack of people approving elements of your product copy, for different channels, catalogues and variants? Streamline your review cycles by giving contributors a quick and simple specific area to just read product copy, click, approve and move on.


Supercharge Shopify

Push-button publishing is here! Talkoot’s connectors eradicate the copy + paste headache. Send copy direct to Shopify and other e-commerce platforms. Pull in latest product info, make changes and bulk edits in minutes and update content for higher page rankings and conversion by aligning with campaigns and events. 


 Powering the product pages of leading shop-smart brands 


 Modern brands inspire customers on every product page with interesting, detailed stories about every product they make. 

 Why Talkoot? 

Talkoot is the result of deep research and collaboration with content teams across leading consumer brands. Book a seat at the next 30 minute Showcase to see all of the best ideas packed into a single, cloud-based system, purpose-built to ease pain and boost productivity across your entire product content production and approval process.

In 30 minutes learn how to:

  • Control your Brand's reputation online

  • Easily syndicate product content

  • Accelerate your e-commerce growth

  • Sell multiple products on every platform, fast

  • Lower return rates 

  • Create more loyal customers


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 Authority, Buyability, Credibility 

The ABC of a successful product content strategy.

IMRG ABC Cover.png

 An IMRG Report 

What can I find inside?

  • The three levers of product content strategy

  • Difference between product stories vs product descriptions

  • The role content plays

  • How to successfully put a Product Content Strategy in place.

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