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We help our Customers ensure their people know what they need to be working on, and why.

Modern applications that help teams operate with precision + speed, without compromising quality or stifling innovation, takes the guessing out of work. 

Connecting people not only to each other - but with clear, concise and actionable data is a crucial step in producing better outcomes.

Working in close partnership with tech vendors and specialist providers, Xeau has partnered with the likes of Steeltrace (acquired by Compuware and later MicroFocus), Seapine Software (acquired by Perforce), and Jama Software.

As Jama’s exclusive channel partner, Xeau ran a pan-European sales operation from Jama's conception in 2007 until 2017 when a $5M in annually recurring EU based revenue provisioned by Xeau, was transitioned to Jama. 

15+ years of experience.

100s of Customers.


Today we're proud to work with Talkoot, the world’s first agile product storytelling application.

Deliver the right product story at the right time to the right customers.

Created to help the world’s most loved brands tell real-time, brand-right, shopper-friendly product stories at scale. Faster. Together. The result? A more engaged and loyal customer, higher sales, lower returns and a clear and measurable Return on Story.

For Product companies, sharing the right stories about their wares — full of interesting facts about who designed it, what inspired it and how it was made, not only shows a customer they really care about what they've created, it can raise your profile in search results, lower return rates, lift conversions and create more loyal customers.  

We are here to help teams in Europe produce mountains of high-impact product content to fuel e-commerce growth.

Interested in a demo?

Talkoot is an intuitive, friendly-to-use product storytelling application that talks to all your back-end data systems, keeps track of those niggly product details and automates a whole mess of boring, repetitive tasks so your team can focus on creating great product stories. 

To learn how Talkoot can make your content team 4x more efficient, drop us a line.


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