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Authority, Buyability, Credibility

The ABC of a successful product content strategy.

 An IMRG Report 

IMRG ABC Cover.png

Thousands of prospects flow through your product pages every day.

Brands treating the product page as a place just to complete a purchase could be overlooking one of – if not THE - most cost-effective strategies for optimising their product pages for sales.

Download this thought-provoking paper, produced in association with IMRG, to get the inside track on how some DTC brands are advancing their traditional approach to product content, to break the mould with adaptive content strategies which don’t break the bank or require a cohort of copywriters. 

What can I find inside?

  • The three levers of product content strategy

  • Difference between product stories vs product descriptions

  • The role content plays

  • How to successfully put a Product Content Strategy in place.


Click here to download the Report




“As a Project Manager, I can see exactly where every model of my Copy Production job is at any given time.” .

Jennifer W.
Project Manager

“I love Talkoot filters! As a writer and project manager, being able to easily group like products makes it easier to create cohesive copy and manage products.”

Epiphany C.

“Talkoot has made it easy to track copious amounts of product copy!”

Betsy H.
Project Manager

“Talkoot is a very easy tool to use and allows for collaboration across your writing, editing, and QA team.”

Chris R.


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