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As Organisations continue to invest huge sums to attract the right talent, many are still solving the conundrum of how to sustain a motivated and happy workforce to keep their business moving forward.

Quite simply, work is just harder than it should be. Misguided tasks, overloaded schedules, antiquated practices, feeling under-appreciated; all of which contribute to low morale and stress which can permeate a workplace, and this is bad for business. Today’s workers expect more.

As Businesses look to sharpen their Employee Experience, our BEAR model offers a helpful framework to structure the right environment for Happy People: 

Balance, Empower, Achievement & Recognition

Balance Workloads and De-Stress your People!

There are times when someone somewhere in your Company won’t have the solution or is facing an insurmountable challenge or unrealistic deadline. Work centric stresses aren’t resolved with distractions like free coffee and a sweet trolley. Having the right support and intervention available to your workforce will ensure they are still with you tomorrow.

Efficient teams perform best when objectives are clear, the workload is fair, and members feel appreciated and valued. Organisations can drive productivity by harmonising task loads, giving workers autonomy in how their work is conducted to deliver the desired outcomes, as well as ensuring teams aren’t bogged down with an excessive number of low-value business apps. Balanced workloads create better-balanced workers which can improve the wellbeing of an entire workforce.

Engage Your People, Empower Your Teams.

Businesses are starting to understand the need to engage their workers in current and future project work in a way that allows people to get things done without hampering innovation, workforce wellbeing, or both.


It seems Collaboration is everywhere and is being sold as a cure for all our problems, but the truth is that purposeful communication tools and ‘in-context collaboration’ is where the value is. Connecting project teams in real-time - not only with each other - but to clear, concise and actionable project data, is a crucial step in producing better outcomes. In our view, collaboration without purpose is just noise.

Employee Achievements, Take Time to Recognise.

Bob Nelson nailed it when he said, "People may take a job for more money, but often leave for more recognition." If we consider the true impact of staff churn being potentially an extra 15% on your payroll cost – this is justification alone for investing in your Company’s ability to acknowledge good work and create that win-win.


Mechanisms to recognise individual performance need careful thought but are a key factor if you are serious about improving the businesses productivity at the same time as people’s job satisfaction. Recognition schemes can be an effective tool especially when linked with a Rewards program.