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If we consider that it’s people that execute projects, then it makes sense that to stay competitive, an Organisations way of working has to keep up with the changing demographics of its workforce and the more commanding, faster and disruptive business environments which it encounters.


You’re striving to be more agile, but with what? Process and methodologies are important, but People are more important. The goals people aspire to, the mindset in which people understand how things work, how people come together, the values people share that drives them to succeed, and of course how people and teams communicate with one another. 

How can technology help?

Collaboration tools have offered us social connections; the ability to chat, meet, cooperate and quickly share data. But for most business users, the value of these tools swiftly falls away as most lack a greater purpose or adequate ‘hand offs’ to the systems where work execution takes place. 


Conversely, Work Management tools and Project Management systems have traditionally focused on the data within and don’t provide key functions which we now know are essential for employee engagement – to support, equip, share, empower and motivate the people performing the work - all of which are essential for the wellbeing of your workforce. 

Today’s information workers now expect a lot from the work management systems their employers choose. We define this as DISCO tech. 

Design, Integration, Speed, Consistency, Open Access.   

What does this mean? It means systems that are easy to use (no thanks to sitting in training to learn how to use software). It means tools that truly connect workers to the heart of their work activities as well as the data needed to execute on tasks. It means platforms that can enable a higher level of efficiency (most people prefer to be effective and hate complex systems), and of course systems should be easy to access, especially for today’s flexi workers.  


The average number of applications used by information workers


Productivity drop from mental blocks caused by continually switching tasks


Workers who don't know where to find key information needed to complete daily work


Employees who spend an average of 1 hour per day on data entry and data seraching 


Employees who use more than 1 application to communicate at work


Modern technology for today's Workforce

Modern ways of working require modern advanced technology. Technology that not only brings People together - but connects them with true purpose. Today’s technology offerings, with thoughtfully integrated social features and real-time communications, will make it far easier and faster for teams to work together to deliver outstanding work. 
As Organisations consider their Digital Workplace strategy, the tools deployed to support its workforce will become key for driving improvements around work execution whilst also delivering on the people aspects around workforce wellness.