Balancing Compliancy Whilst Balancing Workloads

Compliance is an area of concern for both HR teams and company executives. And for good reason. In certain industries compliancy is vital but can be seen to add significant additional effort for workers. Everywhere you turn these days in the compliance world, someone is talking about how we need balance. And how we're constantly so tired and stressed—all of which is true.

But how do you balance compliancy whilst balancing workloads?

It’s obvious to us that the value of compliance must be made clearer to company leaders and employees alike. In fact, we believe the answer lies in better measurement. Our idea is pretty simple too: Organisations cannot be effective (or show its team how to be more balanced) without effective measurement tools.

For many organisations, proper measurement can result in leaner and healthier levels of productivity. In simpler terms: better compliance measurement… leads to better compliance management. And this typically leads to less stress and happier employees.

When it comes to balancing compliancy, there are a few common pitfalls, such as: incomplete metrics, self-reporting, being biased... and countless others. In 1988, even management guru, Peter Drucker, once said we'd all be working for companies with low levels of middle management. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened. At least not yet.

We're still overworked and more stressed than ever before.

Many employees work more than 8 hours a day. Some say there isn't enough time in the day to do everything. Others claim the workload is preventing them from having any type of work-life balance. While others work hard and still face significant financial burdens. All of this is exactly why it's important your organisation figures out the different levels of work stress, where it comes from, and how to solve it.

Most executives and upper management assign every little task with a sense of urgency, which ironically means, nothing is actually urgent. Doing this creates stress for employees which prevents them from having any feeling of work-life balance. Your goal, as a manager, should be to reduce compliance-related work stress. So start there.

Working on priorities (and being clear on requirements) is one way to help. Another way is to work on better communication. But by far, the best way to reduce stress, is to simply use technology to your benefit.

Utilising modern work management tools could make a huge difference. We can help you and your team manage and automate workflows. We can help you keep 'perfectionism in check' so that your team can finally breathe again.

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