Future of Work

Imagine what your Business could do with the capacity to put its best people forward each and every time? Now imagine those A-teams being connected to the heart of their work activities whilst getting the recognition they deserve for doing great work.

The Future of Work is happening now.

Are you sitting on a goldmine, but totally unaware? Unfortunately, that's the case for a lot of companies. We’ve had discussions with many executives and managers, and what we discovered was pretty shocking.

One quite serious problem is most organisations don’t actually know where the best skills are within the business. In other words, they don't always know who their A-players are and how they are being utilised.

If you knew next week’s lottery numbers, you’d play them. In the same way, it's important to know you are putting your best people forward each time. This is where looking at employee profiles, skills identification, self-promotion, team effectiveness assessment, and real-time resource allocation all matter, in the context of work.

Understand the skill gaps

Understanding the business areas where companies need to improve their capabilities most is an important step in becoming more efficient. Doing this will be helpful in times of budgeting and cost-cutting – especially where limited resources must be used. When doing this, managers are able to close competency gaps that prevent the company from meeting its goals. It's crucial that you evaluate your people on skillset and competence so that you can make the right decisions later down the road.

Many companies struggle with putting an effective team together to yield desired results. A common reason we uncovered as to why this happens is because projects are usually launched without understanding where the gaps in employee skills exist. This results in a lot of companies allocating resources to the wrong employee or the wrong team.

Track down your best and most skilled employees

Building an inclusive approach that heightens employees’ awareness of their own learning needs also helps break down any type of resistance that presents itself. In our opinion it is hugely beneficial to have accessible ‘work profiles’ for individuals, not sat in HR silos but somewhere where you and others can see all of that person’s diverse talents, areas they desire to work in, strengths, and habits. Add in real-time workload information and you’ve armed your project leaders with valuable insights to determine who is the best fit for the role.

Once the right skills are identified, if employees don't work well together, all kinds of problems can arise, such as missed deadlines and conflict within the workplace. However, by rolling out a few of the strategies mentioned earlier, your organisation can save money and improve its chances of project success. After all, building and maintaining strong teams is the foundation of all high-performing businesses. The best ones are those that have a diverse team of people with varied experience and those who can contribute individual ideas.

Drive a people-first approach to building teams and managing skills

As recently explored with Bloor Research, we like modern solutions such as OpusView’s Project Social platform which helps Organisations easily pick the best and least loaded people for each task, and then allow every single person chosen to see exactly what they’re supposed to do, when they’re supposed to do it, how well they’re doing and even why they are working on it.

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