Project Social Software: What Is It And How Can I Use It?

Social software comprises people management, effective communication channels, and interactive online tools for balancing workloads. Social software can typically handle the capturing, storing, and presentation of written, audio and video communications, which is extremely useful when dealing with groups of users.

Project Social software - like OpusView from IdeasCast for example – integrates a social working model directly into Project flows. This enables teams to easily establish and maintain the right connections with key people across a business or importantly specific projects.

This type of software also makes it easier for your team to adopt a collaborative mindset and attitude. In fact, this type of behaviour is great if you want to produce top-notch work in record time. Now, you may be thinking—how does it work exactly though? What else can it do? And how can I use it for my own projects?

Project Social software can take your organisation and mould it into a well-oiled machine that takes into account self-expression, social interaction, and feedback. Another important element of social software is the allowance for structured mediation of opinions between people, in a centralised, or self-regulating yet respectful manner. When applied correctly in a project environment this is a great feature if you need to be agile and refine things as you go.

We chatted to Bal Mattu, CEO of IdeasCast to tell us more about OpusView:

Xeau: How do you describe OpusView?

Bal: People ask me about the DNA of OpusView and the answer is; it's an amalgam of modern project management, granular templatisation and social working.

Xeau: What was the driver behind building the platform?

Bal: We set out to build a social productivity solution that enables a climate of Project success. OpusView doesn’t centre on the success of just one Project, but all Projects as well as Programs. Users working in OpusView can finally gain purpose, clarity and meaning to their work. Giving everyone in an organisation the ability to analyse, look at coverage and track overall direction is absolutely key to project success - whether a task owner, project lead or senior stakeholder.

When using Project Social software, like OpusView, it seems the whole team can thrive. You get to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions quickly and effortlessly. This helps the organisation move both horizontally and vertically, thus simplifying one workflow at a time, ensuring you succeed and celebrate after each and every win. By the end of a project, more and more people will want in on your productivity-boosting tips and hacks.

The goal behind social software, however, is to get away from the traditional top-down, control-everyone way of working. With project social software, you get something much better. You get work management in favour of a more collaborative and agile environment. It’s effective because it was designed to work with a community of people with a common interest and a desire to achieve something bigger than themselves. It does this by understanding that humans are adaptive creatures and that rigid processes ignore this fundamental nature.

The problem we often face in project management is we forget that we’re human and that we all have needs, emotions, perspectives, knowledge, and opinions about something. If we work together, we can collectively accomplish a lot more. It’s important that we’re encouraged to express ourselves. In order to do that, though, we must have the proper tools that allow us to speak up in the first place. Additionally, we often get caught up in the process and forget to keep our eye on the end-result - which is the delivery of something for our client or organisation.

We like the idea that a tool like OpusView makes it easy for you to do all of this and more. It even lets you see which co-worker is overloaded with work this week and which ones have free time. This can make all the difference for those that need to catch a break and re-charge. The last thing you want is to burn out your best employees. It's important to remember that everyone wins when the wellbeing of your team is put into consideration.

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